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Moving Away from Home

By: Zoocasa Your Guide to Moving Away from Home If you grew up in the suburbs or a rural community, you may feel the lure of living in the big city. While you may be envisioning yourself living in one of the many glittering Toronto condos, the idea of moving away from the family home may […]

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Guest Post: 4 Most Frustrating Moving Challenges (& How to Solve Them)

Tips on Overcoming Common Moving Challenges Relocating to a new home represents a fresh start for you and your family. But while it can be an exciting experience for many, it also entails a lot of stress. From finding a new home that suits your needs to adjusting to the new neighbourhood, chances are you’ll […]

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House or Apartment - Where Should You Rent?

Guest Post: House or Apartment – Where Should You Rent?

Tips on Deciding Between Renting a House or an Apartment So, House or Apartment? Whether you’re a student or working professional, you might be on the hunt for your next rental in Toronto. Though apartments used to be the traditional option for renters, house rentals are becoming an increasingly popular alternative. Houses and apartments offer […]

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Guest Post: Moving With Kids

MOVING WITH KIDS: MAKING RELOCATION AS SMOOTH AS POSSIBLE When you’re a parent, your entire worldview shifts. Apart from having to be a responsible adult and the head of the household, you are also a guardian of people who can’t yet make their own decisions, which means that each choice you make affects others in […]

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Guest Post: 8 Simple Rules to Moving with Dogs

Moving to a new house with a dog A few blog posts ago, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Urbaneer and featuring one of their guest posts on mastering a condo move. We had so much fun, in fact, that we’re back at it again! This time, Urbaneer’s Monika MacMillan shares some simple tips […]

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The Arch Lofts Project

Arch Lofts adds sustainable infill development to trendy west-end Toronto and we want to help you move in hassle-free. Calling all #ArchLofts residents! Like you, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the completion of this incredible condo and lofts project for months on end. We know the wait has been agonizing, and we’d love to do offer […]

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Prepping Your Cottage for Winter Season

Bye Bye Summer, Hello Fall, Winter,Cold Weather! Owning a cottage can be a wonderful experience, but it’s not all about relaxing and enjoying your summer home year-round. Sadly, there comes a time every year when it is necessary to prepare your cottage for the winter. Even if you plan to make visits to your cottage […]

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How To Pack Frames For A Move

Some of the most valuable items we move from one home to another aren’t necessarily our electronics and expensive furniture. Often, it is more likely to be those sentimental items that are difficult to replace – treasured art and framed photos of family and friends. Correctly packing these items remains a vital step in allowing […]

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How To Pack and Move Furniture

There is no doubt that handling furniture can be the most difficult part of moving. Furniture always seems easier to move into your home than it is to move it out. Here are some simple tips to make packing and moving your furniture a little less stressful come moving day. Ask for help. Let’s face […]

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How to pack glassware

Since glassware is the most delicate and breakable item you will likely have to pack during your move, it is an important one to know how to pack correctly. These highly breakable items will take time and money to replace, and can potentially cause safety hazards during the move if you do not take the […]

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