Meet the Team


Excellence in Logistics, Coordination and Customer Service

“CARGO CABBIE™ may have started with one man and a van, but we have quickly grown into the best team of movers and logistics experts in Toronto.”

From the office to the team at your front door, you know you will have the best trained and prepared moving machine at your service.

CEO – Founder, Operations Overlord

Javier is the founder and owner-operator of Cargo Cabbie. Having started this local moving company after his own horrifying moving experience, he will personally go to the ends of the world to ensure that each client is happy – nay, over the moon – with their move. These days, you will most likely find him at our head office in downtown Toronto or our newest Box Shop and storage facility in Etobicoke. He is also working on a DIY iPad-on-wheels contraption so he can simultaneously bug encourage his staff at both locations at all times.

CARGO CABBIE TEAM Professional Movers in Toronto
Logistics Specialist

Chris is our moving and logistics expert and is often on the road conducting on-site assessments around Toronto. He works alongside Jonathan and our Operations Team to ensure that each move is strategically planned out well in advance. When he’s done evaluating clients’ moving/packing needs and building estimates for the day, he’ll likely take a self-sanctioned early leave from work to hang out with his dog.

Moving and Storage Experts

moving staff
Senior Booking Coordinator

Kate is our delightfully charming (and sometimes sarcastic) senior booking coordinator. During her tenure at Cargo Cabbie, she has mastered the art of top-notch customer and support services, infallible planning and strategizing of packs and moves, and Beautiful-Mind-style coordination of each day. Kate is a crucial part of our daily operations, and she loves to remind us of the pain of her absence by going on vacation constantly.

moving staff
Assistant Office Manager, Moving Coordinator

Cidia is a multi-tasking ninja that helps us keep both the office and our client’s moves running smoothly throughout the day. On top of all that, she is also our dedicated recruiter who is committed to finding the best movers that Toronto has to offer. After a full day in the office, Cidia will go home and start her second full-time job as a mother of two adorable girls.

moving staff
Logistics Coordinator

Kat (often mistaken as Cat, Kay, or Kate and one time as Susan, for some reason) is our super friendly moving coordinator dedicated to taking the stress off your day. She is always happy to go the extra mile to ensure that clients are well taken care of and have all their questions answered. If she’s not busy helping clients on the phone, she’ll often be in our Box Shop assisting customers with packing supplies and moving boxes that are twice her size.