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How to pack glassware

How to pack glassware

Since glassware is the most delicate and breakable item you will likely have to pack during your move, it is an important one to know how to pack correctly.
These highly breakable items will take time and money to replace, and can potentially cause safety hazards during the move if you do not take the time to ensure they are safely packed to begin with.
Here are some guidelines to follow when packing your glassware for moving day.

Use the correct box.
When it comes to packing glassware – you will benefit immensely from using the correct box. We have china boxes available for our moves, but you can also check local liquor stores for leftover divided boxes if you’re on a tight budget. If you are unable to acquire a divided box, you can also make a standard box work, though you’ll want to be even more prepared for the possibility of damage.

Line the box.
No matter which box you end up using – you’ll want to line it with bubble wrap or towels for extra protection. If you’re using a divided box, take the dividers out to do this, and replace them once the bottom of the box is covered.

Protect each glass.
Take a stack of newsprint on the table and individually wrap each glassware item with two sheets, ensuring you fully cover both the inside and outside surface area of the glass.

Nest stackable glasses.

For stackable glassware, you can save space by using the newspaper wrapping method above, and stacking each glass in the previous glass, using newsprint to fill in any extra space between them. You can do this for 3 or 4 glasses, then take another sheet of newsprint and wrap the entire stack, twisting and tucking in the ends. For extra protection, you can also wrap the stack in bubble wrap.

Place the glassware.
Place the glasses in the box. If you’re using a divided box, place each glass in an individual section. Otherwise, place them in the bottom of the box leaving little room for them to move around – but also remember not to over pack the box – which will cause breakage.

Seal the box.
Once the box is filled, ensure the glasses can’t move around in the box by filling any extra space with newsprint. Then add another layer of newsprint or bubble wrap on top. Seal the box with packing tape and be sure to mark the box with ‘FRAGILE’ in large noticeable letters so anyone handling the box knows to handle it with extra care.

Pack it in the truck.
Glassware should be placed in the truck surrounded by soft items, in an area where there is nothing heavy that could potentially fall on or crush it. Keeping your glassware boxes at the top, placed somewhere secure where the box cannot shift, will help limit any possible breakage.

While this might sound like a tedious task (and it certainly can be) the benefits of properly packing your box clearly outweigh what could happen if you don’t ensure they are packed correctly. Grandma’s fine china deserves to be around for generations to come. And remember, if you really don’t have the time to pack these delicate items yourself, you can always hire us to do it for you before the move.

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