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Packing and prepping your home for a move requires skill and care. Our crew of professional packers are trained in-house with years of experience packing and moving.



We believe in always going above and beyond for our clients and making their move a great experience. We’re constantly innovating our moving techniques.



We offer full service storage for all of your stuff — big or small. We’ll take care of wrapping, protecting, moving and storing your items so you can have peace of mind.

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Pay only for square footage used, hire the best of Moving & Storage Services in Toronto, On

5′ x 5′

This storage size is ideal for storing a few odds and ends, such as sports equipment, garden tools, office supplies or box files, holiday décor, or winter tires.

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Our storage units are approximately 8ft in height

Approximate storage capacity

5′ x 10′

This storage space is perfect for holding the contents of a bachelor/studio apartment or spare business inventory. Alternatively, it can be used to store up to 75 boxes.

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Our storage units are approximately 8 ft in height

Approximate capacity

7′ x 10′

With this storage size, one can comfortably store their possessions from a one-bedroom apartment or the furnishings in an office suite.

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Our storage units are approximately 8ft in height

Approximate capacity

10′ x 10′

A storage space of this size can be used to store the furnishings of a one or one-plus-den bedroom, or an entire family room of furniture. Alternatively, it can hold the contents of two office suites or up to 200 boxes.

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Our storage units are approximately 8ft in height

Approximate capacity

10′ x 15′

A storage unit of this size can hold the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or a small home. Alternatively, it can be used to store home or office tools and equipment, large amounts of inventory, or up to 300 boxes.

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Our storage units are approximately 8ft in height

Approximate capacity

10′ x 20′

This storage space is similar to the size of a double garage and can comfortably hold the furniture and appliances of a three-bedroom home. Or it can be used to store construction equipment, large tools, appliances, or supplies.

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Our storage units are approximately 8ft in height

Approximate capacity

10′ x 30′

Easily fit your furniture and possessions from a three- or four-bedroom house into this sizable storage space. The space is even large enough to house construction equipment.

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Our storage units are approximately 8ft in height

Approximate capacity

Select a storage unit type whether you are decluttering, renovating or moving your home.

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Our State-of-the-Art Toronto Storage Facility Features:

  • 24-hour security, motion detectors, and surveillance cameras
  • Clean, secure, and climate-controlled environment
  • Storage specialists who will handle your items properly and safely
  • Daily on-site staff to regularly clean and maintain the facility
  • Flexible short- and long-term storage plans available
  • Specific storage methods to help you save space and costs
  • Exceptional, award-winning customer service to ensure you have full peace of mind while your items are stored with us

Ready to make a move with us? Our friendly professional moving coordinators are always ready to help. All you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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There are a lot of components to moving and storage. It’s difficult to keep track of what needs to be done and at what point in order to ensure a smooth and stress-free move. This is why CARGO CABBIE offers a one-stop-shop experience so you can get all the packing, moving, and storage help you need from one reliable company.

With our convenient location in the west end of Toronto, you can SHOP ONLINE for packing and moving supplies, or expert advice from our friendly moving & logistics coordinators.

Don’t want to do the packing yourself? We’ve got you covered. Our professional packers are detail-oriented and will bring all the supplies to get you packed up in no time. When it comes to packing, moving, and storage, trust in Toronto’s best-rated moving company to take perfect care of your valued possessions.


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Storage and moving doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, even when you need multiple services like packing and storage as well. With Cargo Cabbie, you’ll have the full support and expertise of our logistics team and professional movers every step of the way to ensure a stress-free and seamless move. We’ll take good care of your belongings during the move and while in storage so you can relax and focus on other important things.

CARGO CABBIE Storage Moving Services GTA


We get it – moving is time-consuming, overwhelming, and exhausting. Having the proper resources and hiring the right moving and storage company can make or break the success of a move. In addition to that, how does one ensure that they’ve chosen the perfect storage facility, amongst the plethora of options in the GTA, that will fit all their storage needs?

We’ve got highly trained and seasoned experts in each of our departments all dedicated to fulfilling one ultimate goal: making your moving and storage experience hassle-free and pleasant.

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Almost every storage company advertises the same features – clean space, secure storage, and convenient access. But at the end of the day, you’re still doing all the heavy lifting – literally! You’re responsible for wrapping your items, renting a truck, and moving all of your belongings into an assigned unit. When you store with Cargo Cabbie, we guarantee better storage spaces along with valet services for your things by our professional movers so you won’t have to lift a finger.

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Are you interested in self-storage facilities?

We’ve joined forces with some of the best storage facilities in the city to offer you a complete range of moving & storage options, combined with the best storage services in the city. Whether you want a self-storage unit that you can access regularly, a customized warehouse storage space that is maintained daily by our staff, or convenient mobile storage that is delivered to and picked up right from your home, we’ve got all storage types to perfectly meet your needs.