The Team


CARGO CABBIE may have started with one man and a van, but we have quickly grown into the best team of movers and office staff in Toronto. From the office to the team at your front door, you know you will have the best trained and prepared moving machine at your service.

Excellence in Moving, Packing Team and Customer Service

At the heart of any excellent company, are excellent team members. We believe in authenticity, integrity and ambition, and this makes our hiring and training process rigorous and throrough. Before we hire anyone, we ensure we are investing in a team member that we know is committed to making our moving company excel. This means that we only start with individuals who are educated, well mannered, motivated and energetic.

Our teams are trained from day one on how to work together and how to communicate effectively with each other as well as with our clients. Each team member is professionally and individually trained on how to wrap furniture, pack fragile items and move items safely through our client’s homes and to their final destination.

All of our Moving, Packing team members are on our payroll and are covered by WSIB; we don’t deal with any sub-contractors. We hold every member of our team in the highest regard and this helps our teams achieve excellence every time we step foot on the job. We also believe in continuing professional development, and make sure our teams are always in top form with regular refresher training.

Our excellence in customer service begins from your first contact with us. At the office we aim to make sure you have the best move possible. They collect all the details of the move and make sure you have the right crew for the job. Everyone at CARGO CABBIE works together as a team to exceed our clients’ expectations so that every one of our moves is stress-free, fun and exactly what you would expect from your finest professional local moving company.

Book your move with us and experience The CARGO CABBIE Difference™.

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