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How To Pack A TV Moving Box

How To Pack A TV Moving Box

Learning how to carefully pack each valuable item in your home will save you a lot of time, money and stress when it comes time to move your belongings. With that in mind, we’ve decided to develop a series throughout the next few months that will take you through the proper steps to packing various items safely and efficiently.

First up, we’re going to tackle everyone’s favourite big ticket item – the TV. Here are some guidelines to follow in order to securely pack your flat screen television for a move.

Prepare it.

Your television has probably been hooked up in the same spot for years. Carefully unplugging it, unmounting it if it is mounted to the wall, wrapping all the cords together in a labeled bag, and giving it a thorough cleaning will ensure it is ready to be packed.

Find the right box.

Next, you’ll need to find a box that will properly fit your TV.  You can easily order one from us for your move, or you can also visit your local grocery and electronics stores to see if they might have something you can use.

Protect it.

Before you put it in the box, you’ll want to protect it from any potential damage while in the moving vehicle. While your safest bet is to purchase a protective foam kit, you can always wrap it in a thick blanket or towel you already own to ensure it has a buffer against breakage. Using items you already have around the house to safely package your items will allow you to pack faster while also saving money.

Pack it.

Slide your protected TV into the box and fill it with crumpled newspaper or extra towels and blankets to ensure there is no chance the TV can move around within the box. Seal the box securely with extra packing tape, and if your box isn’t quite large enough to close, consider double boxing it for extra protection.

Carefully place it in the moving truck.

When it comes time to pack up the truck, you’ll want to be strategic with your placement of various items. Avoid placing heavy items such as your television near delicate items like glassware. You should also avoid laying your TV box flat in the truck or stacking anything heavy on top of it when you are loading the vehicle.  Keeping it upright could be a problem, too—it can shift and fall over.  Surround it with soft items like bags of clothing or bedding.  Place it somewhere in the truck where it won’t have the opportunity to be damaged by anything else.

Moving to a new home can be quite a stressful part of life. If you follow these steps, you won’t have to worry about replacing a broken television set after moving day.

Once you got the foam-kit and TV box from us, watch the video below from our friends at GM packaging,

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