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Things You Must Avoid on Moving Day

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Things You Must Avoid on Moving Day

Always Avoid These Things During Your Move

Moving is always stressful, and moving companies know this more than anyone. That’s why it’s their job to ensure your move day is as hassle-free and smooth as possible. However, in order for the movers to make this happen on your move day, they need your help too! We have compiled some of the top things you must avoid in order for the movers to do their job efficiently and properly. Here are a few moving tips and advice to take in consideration.

1. Avoid Packing During Your Move

Life is busy, and sometimes finding the time to prepare for your move can be challenging, especially the packing part. Packing your home takes time, and must be done prior to your move day. It may seem fine to keep a few things out until move day, but packing during your move day not only slows down your movers, but adds time to your overall move. Adding time to your overall move will cause your move to become longer than estimated by the moving company which will lead to a more expensive final bill. Not only will packing on your move day add more time, but it will also increase the supplies the movers use if you don’t have your own boxes. Of course, movers bring all the necessary supplies needed to complete your move including extra boxes and bubble wrap. If the movers or yourself need to pack some stuff, there will be more supplies used, which once again will be added to your final bill.

2. Avoid Packing Heavy Items in Large Boxes

When packing your items, always check online for packing tips and advice. it is important to understand which boxes can hold certain items, as it does make a huge difference! It is important to do your research first before starting to throw your items into boxes without understanding the fact that overpacking and overweight boxes affect your move day when your movers arrive. Certain items in your home are supposed to be packed in specific sized boxes to make sure your move does not go slower or less efficient. 

To help with your packing, see below the types of boxes you need for your move and what items are perfect for the specific sized boxes:

  • 1.5 Cube Box: Perfect for small and heavy items including books, photo albums, office supplies, and kitchen dishes. 
  • 2 Cube Box: Perfect for books, magazines, office supplies, and kitchen items
  • 3 Cube Box: Perfect for holding toys, kitchen items including pots and pans, and general household paraphernalia. 
  • 4 Cube Box: Perfect for toys, pots and pans, appliances, or small lampshades.
  • 5 Cube Box: Perfect for pillows, linens, or seasonal clothing like coats and boots.
  • 6 Cube Box: Perfect for large, lightweight items like bulky coats and garments, giant stuffed animals, comforters, or oversized pillows.

Remember, the larger the box, the lighter the load!

3. Avoid Skipping Out On Labelling Your Boxes

When hiring movers to move your home for you, it is extremely important to correctly label your boxes. When packing yourself, it may slip your mind to label your boxes because you know what is in each box. However, when you have hired movers, always remember that they don’t know what’s in your boxes, so to ensure your fragile items are safe, it is extremely important to label the boxes accordingly. It may take more time when packing to do labelling as well, but it is worth the small amount of time when you want to make sure your delicate and breakable items are handled with the utmost care. When labelling your boxes, always keep the following phrases in mind: 

It is important to understand that movers will always handle your items with care, but when stacking your boxes in the moving truck, they need to know which boxes are packed with breakable items. Without labelling your boxes, you are putting your fragile items at risk of being broken in transportation during your move. 

4. Avoid Ignoring The Bill Of Lading

The Bill of Lading is the contact presented to you at the end of your move for you to sign. Like any contract of fine print, it may be tempting to skip reading it with so much else on your mind, but it is important to understand what you are signing off on. The Bill of Lading outlines the details of your move that are all added when completing your final bill. It addresses the start time and end time of your move, the supplies the movers used during the move, the rates you will be charged, and the protection plan you have chosen. Not only this, but the fine print outlines the company’s rules and regulations about your move and the final payment. It is important to understand how the company you have chosen operates and ensure you have 100% approved these rules, regulations, and the details regarding your move.

5. Avoid Ignoring Protection Plan Options

With every moving company, basic protection is included with your move. This basic protection is typically based on the weight of the items damaged, and not the actual value. Many people will take this basic protection for their move and not do any research on other protection plans the moving company has to offer. It’s good to have trust that your movers will complete your move without any damages, but sometimes accidents do happen. If you have some items in your home that are worth a pretty penny, it’s in your best interest to do a little research regarding protection plans before your move. The protection plans are not based on the weight of the item like the basic protection, but based on the actual value of your item. Purchasing a protection plan is essential when you have items that are valued more expensive than your average ikea furniture. This will not only give you full protection if something were to break, but also a piece of mind during your move that you are covered no matter what accidents may occur.

6. Avoid Being a Backseat Mover

Yes, it is your home and you want things to be done properly but sometimes being a backseat mover can negatively impact your move. It is important to remember that you have hired full service movers for a reason! These movers are experienced with moving many different homes and items including large furniture pieces, small furniture pieces, boxes and much more. They know what they’re doing and they do their absolute best to move your home safely, efficiently and properly. If you start to micromanage, this may negatively impact your relationship with the movers, and also slow your move down with you trying to take over. Of course, the movers are more than happy to take direction from you but only to a certain extent.

Here are some things movers do love to hear from you: 

  • Telling the movers where their items need to be placed in your new home
  • Telling the movers boxes/furniture that need to be handled with care
  • Offer the movers refreshments to ensure they are hydrated during your move

Other than this, most professional movers know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to wrapping fragile/delicate pieces, stacking boxes, disassembling pieces that need it, and loading the truck. You can be there to guide them if needed, but just enjoy the moving process knowing that at the end of the day, all your items will be moved professionally and your new home will be ready by the end of your move day. 


Overall, moving day with professional movers are supposed to be less stressful than moving yourself. Always make sure that your packing is finished prior to your move, so that the move is completed in the time the moving company originally estimated. With packing, properly labeling and not over packing the boxes are imperative to make sure the movers can move the boxes in a timely manner, and pack the boxes in the truck so that none delicate items are at the bottom. Not only labeling your boxes helps the movers with the overall move, but being open and honest with your movers about delicate items, and where to place your items in the new home is a must! Always remember to do your research of the do’s and don’ts’ before your moving day. 

And when you’ve decided to take the step, reach out to CARGO CABBIE for all of your home and office moving needs!

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