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Moving and Packing tips, How to be an organized Packer

Moving and Packing tips, How to be an organized Packer

Moving soon? Be prepared and save money, How to be an organized Packer

Start early, and do it gradually. Packing and moving an entire home or condo is a massive undertaking, with several tasks. The sooner you get started, the easier it becomes. Moving can be stressful enough, last minute packing leaves everyone frazzled. Packing and moving supplies
Host a packing party! Ask a couple of good friends to come over and help with the easier items (kitchen, bookshelves, playrooms, etc). If you are looking to get rid of some items, it’s also a good way to see if anyone is interested in taking these goods off your hands.
Label boxes by room, colour coded labels are a great idea and fun way for kids to help during the packing process. Get them to pick the colours for each room, and help with sticking the labels on the boxes.
Keep similar items from a room boxed together. For example, all the toys go in one box, books in another, DVD in a separate box.
Label important and priority items clearly. It’s always easier to find what you are looking for when it’s clearly spelled out.
Leave medication and daily use items (toiletries, shampoo, hairdryer, etc.) for last. Or pack these items in a separate small carry on bag and take it with you, just like when you are going on a trip.
Keep boxes grouped together in one corner of the room, number boxes and make sure their labels are visible. For example, Bedroom Box #1, Bedroom Box #2, etc. Label items that are fragile, especially glassware and lamps.
Consider ordering wardrobe boxes from Cargo Cabbie box shop. They are incredibly handy for moving closet space, that way you don’t waste time folding clothes that are only going to be packed up and then rehung in your new closet. Clothing is taken straight from the closet, placed in the box, and later unboxed in your new closet without having to be folded or wrapped. Your clothes are ready to be hung so you can get dressed easy and efficiently. No wrinkles, no headaches!
Keep cords with matching electronic items. Wrap them together so you don’t have piles of spaghetti-like cords to untangle while unpacking. Another option is to wrap cords, and put them in plastic bags or Ziploc, and label the device it belongs to. Organization is the key when moving.

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