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Cargo Cabbie’s Winter Moving Tips 2014 Edition

Cargo Cabbie’s Winter Moving Tips 2014 Edition

Winter has arrived, blanketing the earth in a crust of ice and snow. While the weather conditions may be unpredictable, here are some considerations to help ease some of the seasonal burdens when planning your winter move in Toronto.

Outdoor Tips

Shovel the driveway, clearing all paths from the front door to the driveway. Remove all snow and ice. Be sure to salt the driveway to prevent any accidents.

Make sure the house is illuminated, as it gets light later, and dark earlier in the day. It’s important for movers to be able to easily travel from your house to the truck with care for your household items and furniture, as we want to be able to relocate your belongings in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Given the limited visibility, and incremental weather conditions, please be cautious of any tripping hazards outside your house. Keep walking paths clear, especially of decorative Christmas lights.

Also, it’s always nice to offer your movers a hot drink, or small sugar kick, as it goes along way at this time of year.

Roadways, Streetscapes and Highways

Be mindful of travel conditions. At this time of year, travel times in the city are challenging at the best of times.

Plan ahead

Don’t leave your move to the last minute. Rapidly changing weather conditions may cause delays/cancellations.  Give yourself a few days grace period in case of an unexpected storm or event that might cause your move to be delayed.

Be sure to set-up utilities at your new location, as it’s certainly unwelcoming to arrive into a cold, dark new home.

Also, plan ahead how plants, groceries, containers with liquid and electronic devices will be packed, transported and moved. Some items, such as greenery are deeply sensitive to cold temperatures, and electronics can be wrapped in a blanket.

Remember, Cargo Cabbie’s trucks aren’t heated, so please be mindful of the transit time of your belongings between your old and new home.

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