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There’s No Place Like Your New Home For The Holidays

There’s No Place Like Your New Home For The Holidays

Moving can be hard under the best circumstances, but moving around the holiday season is tough. Suddenly, on top of all the wrapping, packing, and boxing up household items, you’ve got the holidays to tackle. Understandably, it’s hard to keep in the festive spirit of ribbons and bows, when you’ve got to sort, organize, and pack up all your belongings.

Cargo Cabbie understands moving isn’t only about a new location, but a shift in internal geography. We’re here to help you start your next chapter, and ease into your new transition. Here are some tips to survive your holiday move.

Get Packing

Pick up your packing supplies early (we sell boxes and everything you need at the Cargo Cabbie Box Shop). Be sure to use clean newsprint to wrap your breakables, as it will save you from having to wash all your dishes at your new home.

Start packing room-by-room. Label all boxes clearly, and make a “moving essentials box.” This box can include items you’ll need to get to first (toiletries, kitchenware, etc.).  Make packing a festive event – pick up some hot chocolate, and put on your favourite Songza holiday playlist to get you in the spirit of the season.

Give the Gift of Giving

Why pack up all of these things you don’t use? Moving is a great time to de clutter your home. Got an old couch you don’t need? Call the furniture bank. Pack up all those unused items, old jackets and boots that have been sitting in your closet for too long, and donate them to your local shelter. Instead of moving all those canned goods, why not donate them to the food bank? You’ll feel your heart grow two sizes.

Host a Holiday Unpacking Party

Invite your closest friends and family members, and instead of the traditional sit around the cheese ball, watching Frosty The Snowman on television, host a Holiday Unpacking Party. Pick up a few bottles of wine, order some take-out, and gather round to unpack your new home, room-by-room.


I know it sounds obvious, but a deep breath goes along. You’ve made it into your new home, pause for a moment, and take it all in – you’ve made it through the move, and it’s time to settle into your new nest. Welcome home.

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