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Moving During Toronto’s Winter

While moving during our harsh Canadian winter isn’t for everyone and not ideal, sometimes planning a winter move is necessary. The cons include the potential for snowstorms and icy road conditions, but there are pros as well. Moving companies are less busy in the winter months, so you’ll have more options for booking your moving […]

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Moving in bad weather? Don’t panic!

Moving Tips for a Canadian Winter So your moving day is finally approaching and your weather app has bad news for you. Canadian winters can be unforgiving and they pose real challenges to daily life, let alone moving. Typically your move date can’t be rescheduled at the last minute, so you’re just going to have […]

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Cargo Cabbie’s Winter Moving Tips 2014 Edition

Winter has arrived, blanketing the earth in a crust of ice and snow. While the weather conditions may be unpredictable, here are some considerations to help ease some of the seasonal burdens when planning your winter move in Toronto. Outdoor Tips Shovel the driveway, clearing all paths from the front door to the driveway. Remove […]

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