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Just Moved In? Here’s A Checklist! Zoocasa Guest Post – Cargo Cabbie

Moving Checklist

Just Moved In? Here’s A Checklist! Zoocasa Guest Post – Cargo Cabbie

Zoocasa – Moved in checklist 2019:

So you closed the deal, hired a professional mover and have finally arrived at your new home. Moved in, but what now? How do you prioritize the seemingly endless list of things to do after moving in? It can be seriously overwhelming, and not in a good way, to move. You may even end up being paralyzed by indecision.

This checklist is here to help you get organized as soon as you moved in. It makes all that time spent looking for houses for sale downright simple. 

So first things first. We’re going to walk you through what you need to do right after moving in. 

First, go through your house and make a checklist of all renovations and repairs. That could range from everything from “redoing the master bathroom,” to changing the knobs on the doors. Once you actually write out everything on a your checklist, you’ll be able to get a bigger picture of how long it will take for you to actually settle in. Even if you don’t get everything done the first month, or even take years, a list will help you from just settling for things you don’t like in the house and will encourage you to call someone, or DIY, to fix it up.

Next, secure all aspects of your new home so you can truly relax before you get started on unpacking

Find a location to put a safe, or a fire-proof box and secure all your valuables. This is where birth certificates, jewelry, precious moments and passports should go. 

In addition, consider securing your home through an alarm system. Decide if you want professional monitoring service or just want to install something yourself. The choice depends on your budget and the crime statistics in your area — look them up if you don’t already know. 

Next, move on to securing all the entrances and exits. Now is the perfect time to update the locks to one with a keypad so you don’t have to give keys to your kids that they will inevitably lose. It’s also easier to let the cleaning lady and maintenance man in with specialized codes that you can delete later, instead of making a bunch of key copies that you can’t track. While you’re at this, why not consider buying a small camera and doorbell combo that turns on whenever there’s motion? It’s a real deterrent to thieves, and also teenagers who have a tendency to sneak out. You can also add motion-detector lights to the back or side entrance and the garage. It may seem like overkill, but these are all fairly easy, low-budget security solutions.


Now, onto windows. Depending on your neighbourhood you may want to add bars to your basement windows. If not, at least add a security bar to your back door and any first floor window to prevent them from sliding open. 

And don’t forget the internet security either — when you set up your WiFi make sure to add a secure password.

Once you have these basic tasks done you’ll be able to start on the fun parts of moving in — like decorating. 

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