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70″ TV Moving Box

70″ TV Moving Box


Dimensions: 66″ x 6 1/2″ x 41″

Our heavy-duty, double-walled TV boxes provide the best protection for your electronic unit while on the move. This highly durable corrugated box fits LED and flat-screen TVs up to 70″.

For maximum protection, use in combination with our Protective Foam Kits (Extra-Large), which is specially designed to cushion and secure your TV while inside the box.


Our 70″ TV Box is the perfect way to protect your flat screen tv. This extra large tv box will fit any led, LCD, plasma tv up to 70″ in size. The CARGO CABBIE 70″ TV Moving Box is made of a high quality cardboard that is double-walled offering the best protection for added strength and durability. The box features double wall construction with sturdy corrugated walls and an easy lift handle for transporting your tv safely. “XL Foam kit sold separately” 

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