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Home Renovations on the Rise as People Continue to Stay Home…

Home renovations on the rise blog

Home Renovations on the Rise as People Continue to Stay Home…

Home Renovations on the Rise as People Continue to Stay Home

As the stay at home period continues, many people are finding ways to remodel their homes. Since many people work from home, the remodeling is meant to help in making homes comfortable for work. The stay at home period has shown people the items they do not need at home and the parts that need renovation. As such, storage and moving companies are there to aid construction, renovation and decluttering activities.

home renovations on the rise and home improvement

The many home renovations, storage and decluttering activities going on are meant to take care of the following:

1. Home Aesthetic

During the stay at home period, many people have a chance to rethink the way their home appears. Generally, everyone wants their home to be outstanding in terms of appearance—the general aesthetic of the home matters. Many people apply new paint on their walls (both inside and outside), while others build balcony flower gardens.

Because everyone is staying at home, they want to be in an attractive environment. Many people would spend time at work and come home during the night, making it difficult for them to see their home’s appearance. For a family with kids, cosmetic renovation aims to make the home more appealing to kids. Kids love colorful things, and with a newly painted home, they enjoy staying at home.

home makeover home renovations

2. Attend to the Needs of Your Kids

As soon as COVID-19 hit, everyone realized that they needed a space where kids could play. Nobody would let their kids go out to play, as that would have been like exposing the entire family to COVID-19. Nevertheless, all the nearby parks were closed, meaning everyone had to find ways of making their home interesting for the kids.

The goal was to create a home where kids can freely play. Kids need to play as it it is crucial to their development. Through play, kids build their emotional, physical, and cognitive strength. It is imperative that your kid plays in order to help with their brain development.

One would therefore need to construct a playhouse for the kids anywhere in their home. Be it in the backyard or the basement, you need to create enough space for kids to play. Indoor games are good, but outdoor games tend to be more beneficial as they give kids a broader space to play. You can assemble a play tent or build a playhouse in the backyard for the children to have ample time.

moving with kids

3. Creating Space for School

If your family has school-aged children, your home becomes a classroom by default. Remote learning is part of the activities for kids staying at home. Some families decide to hire a teacher to take care of their children’s learning needs. It is not a good idea to let kids learn in the same living room where you will be holding your conversations with family members as it may inconvenience the children.

Getting the kids a classroom where they can learn comfortably and concentrate more is a better idea. As such, you can remodel your home so that it contains a classroom where your kids can learn. Suppose your kids see you while in the classroom; it can be a distraction to their concentration. Therefore, they need an enclosed area where they can be with their teacher and benefit from the ample learning environment.

Some families can even combine their efforts and build a single place where the kids can learn. For instance, if the same neighborhood has many kids between age six and seven, they can identify one parent who has a bigger space in their home then decide to build a classroom in that home. They then can hire a teacher who will be teaching the kids together.

The classroom will need things such as new flooring and will require lighting as well. The walls need to be decorated with either learning materials or anything educational that can be appealing to children. Ideally, getting a place for kids to learn comfortably needs complete remodeling of the house.

kids school at home

Kids need an environment where they can meet other kids, as their interactions help them in development and learning. Families can pay the teacher while the homeowner takes care of the renovation. The classroom will need a whiteboard, bookshelves, desks and chairs, and a space for playing. All the materials for the renovation are bulky and would need storage and moving company to help in their transportation. Additionally, the construction materials that remain after the renovation need to be moved away from home.

Home and office renovations

4. Your Home Office

When COVID-19 hit and people started working from home, everyone thought that it would only be for a few weeks and then they would get back to the office. The initial assumption was that COVID-19 would not stay long and everyone thought that they could easily work from their living room or kitchen. It turned out that COVID-19 stayed and will stay for a little bit longer.

To make yourself comfortable while working from home, you need a home office. If your home has several rooms, then you can convert one of the rooms into an office. If you had a stable internet connection and a laptop or desktop, then you are good to go. Just get a desk and an ergonomic chair into one of the rooms, and there you have an office.

The case is different, though, for someone with a lesser number of rooms and no internet connection (or unstable internet) and no office equipment. As such, you need to talk to your employer to get you a desk, ergonomic chair, laptop, and a better internet package. Working from home requires stable internet since video calls are part of your everyday working life.

It would also help if you made a home office because you need to work without disturbance. Someone else in the same house may be working from home, and you need to establish a way of not interfering with each other’s work. For instance, your job may need constant video calls or frequent talking to customers regarding their needs, which require total silence. Each one of you will therefore require their own room.

As such, a home office will come in handy, and to have once, you may need to remodel your home. You can use some “easy to assemble” equipment in the construction or contact a professional to help you in this new project. To make this as easy and hassle free as possible, assistance of a professional moving company who offers storage and packing is essential in order to complete your home renovation sooner than later. Typically, reputable moving companies will provide expert advice and the man power required in order to empty your home so you can get that home office started!

outdoor shed out-door storage shed

Space Outside if there is Limited Space Inside

While this might not be the best solution if you live in Canada due to the extreme weather conditions, for someone who feels that the inside of the house has no room for any modification, the backyard can offer additional space. You can add customizable sheds in your backyard to use as classrooms, offices, or a workout room. The customizable sheds are easy to install and consume less time, money, and other resources. You can quickly assemble by following the instructions of the manufacturer.

Customizable sheds offer relief for someone who needs a quick fix at a relatively low price. Renovations may take time and may lead to more costs as you may notice other parts that need renovation while renovating the other. Also, the dust and dirt that comes with renovation may be uncomfortable for you and your family.

Ideally, the customizable sheds are about 120 square feet, which exempts them from permitting and zoning requirements in most cities. Homeowners can assemble the sheds although some may prefer adding professional design and installation to the order, which is still affordable.

Apart from using the shed for schooling and as an office, it can also act as a sanctuary when you want to be away from everyone else. When all family members are home, there can be a lot of activity and energy, which may drain you. You may need a safe place where to sit down, relax, and focus on your own things. The customizable shed can provide such a safe haven. You only need to let your family members know that the shed is your private place.

storage moving service

Incorporating a Storage and Moving Company in Your Renovation Activities

Construction and renovation work requires heavy lifting. It would be best if you also had a place to store construction materials and home equipment. Furniture and heavy boxes need care when handling. Recklessness can lead to significant losses, and you may end up regretting why you started the renovation in the first place. You may end up breaking glasses, electronics, and furniture, or even cause injuries.

Whether you hire a storage container or you intend to use one of your rooms for storage, you need to handle everything with care. A moving and storage company can offer help with handling your items. Ideally, a mobile storage company offers you the place where you will store your belongings outside the area being renovated.

The moving and storage company delivers the storage unit in your compound for you to store your items as renovation goes on. You can fill it, rearrange the things, and empty the storage facility at your own will. It is an extra space for you to store your items safely. When the renovation is complete, the company comes to collect their storage unit.

The storage unit is available for your use, and you can store items like tools, supplies, furniture, paintings, clothing, or anything else you like. The best thing about having a storage unit delivered to your premises during renovation is that you have the freedom to move any item in and out at your own will. You will also not have to borrow storage space from neighbors.

A storage facility has more advantages as it protects your items from sudden weather changes. Any sudden rains cannot destroy your items. Some storage facilities also have already installed air conditioning, meaning that they will regulate heat and humidity during the hot summer or extreme cold conditions of winter.

Another benefit of the storage facility to the homeowner is the extra level of security it provides to your items. The storage facility is locked, and has 24/7 security, thereby giving you no reason to worry about someone walking away with any of your tools.

If your house is not yet ready for you to add the items back, or you do not have enough space for the storage unit in your compound, the storage company can take your items and store them in their secure facility. The company will return your items once you complete renovating your home.

declutter your home when moving


After a home renovation, the moving and storage company is still beneficial to you.

The dust, dirt, and debris that remain after the renovation need to be disposed of safely. A moving company can help in the disposal of the remaining products after a renovation. If any of your items get damaged during renovation and you think they are beyond repair, the moving and storage company will help with the disposal.

During renovation, someone may also discovers a lot of clutter. Once you notice the presence of clutter in your home, it is time to declutter! You do not need them and yet they occupy your space. They include old clothes that you no longer wear, electronics that no longer function, broken furniture, and any other thing you may not need at home.

Decluttering has several benefits to the homeowner. First, it helps create some space. When you have too much clutter at home, it causes both physical and mental obstruction. For people working from home, clutter negatively affects their concentration. It is difficult to remain organized and have your mind on one task when you have piles of stuff around where you work from. Decluttering helps decongest the work area and your mind.

When you choose to declutter, you not only declutter your home, but you declutter your mind.


The stay at home period is getting people to renovate their homes so that they can be comfortable staying home for longer hours. The renovations aim at building a home comfortable for both kids and parents, without one encroaching on the other’s space. Parents need to work, while children need to study and play. The result may be the creation of more partitions to the interior of the house, or constructing some structures in the backyard. All in all, the whole process requires the services of a moving and storage company. The company will help in the transportation and storage of your construction materials and other items as you go on with the renovation.


FAQ Frequently asked questions about storage during renovations

Can You Move During Home Renovations?

Moving Companies May Not Move if:

  • The home looks like a construction site, special equipment may be required, like hard hats, steel-toe boots.
  • You might be planning a move but you are renting until you find the perfect space.
  • You want to keep your seasonal items within reach without all the hassle
  • Don’t have space for all that furniture you aren’t quite ready to part with.

What Happens if i need more space?

 There is no need to worry about running out of space if you decide to go with the full service route. Most moving and storage companies operate with large warehouses and they can easily add that extra square footage without the hassle, so you will never have to pay for space your don’t need. With the help of our Logistics Specialists, you can create a flawless moving plan for your next move that, in turn, will help us determine which size of room to recommend.

Should I tip the movers?

We all know that tipping is customary in many situations – we are familiar with how much we should tip the person who serves us food, makes us a drink, drives us around, or cleans our home.

But if you are hiring movers for the first time, you are probably unsure about what the proper etiquette is for tipping movers and packers. Here’s what you need to know. Read more

Do I need a climate-controlled storage?

If you leave in Canada, and you value your items, furniture and art. Most likely you will rather store your valuables in an indoor storage facility where the temperature will be between 15° and 20° degrees Celsius.

How is the cost of a storage space estimated?

How much the cost will be, is based on how much space is needed and how long you will store. Typically, Self-storage facilities offer contracts on a month-to-month basis. This way, the customer has the option to store for short or long-term. Contracts offered by full-service storage facilities vary from company to company. Some WILL ONLY HAVE A SEVE DAYS MINIMUM POLICY minimum, while others offer month-to-month services.

Always ask your storage company about deals, promos for long-term storage.

Where can I find a storage unit?

You can contact our team any time, we are always happy to help with help or advice. Alternately, you can always request a move with us into xyz storage in Toronto here.

CARGO CABBIE moving & storage company


Whether you need a small storage unit for a few items or a large space ober 500 square feet to hold all of your furniture during a long distance move, CARGOCABBIE can get you set up with a great price and a greater variety of  options. Perfect for all moving and storage needs, our facilities are different from other moving and storage companies with climate controlled units, 24/7 vigilance, video monitoring and rooms cleaned daily to prevent dust accumulation and pests.

In addition, all facilities are equipped with 24-hour security, onsite security personnel, and constant video monitoring.

  • Free no obligation estimates get an estimate
  • Climate-controlled storage rooms available for temperature-sensitive items
  • Pick-Up & Drop-Off service means we come to you, safely wrap and load your items, then transport them to your unit. You never have to lift a finger or even step foot inside your storage space again.
  • When it comes to decluttering, we can help with furniture removal or disposal too
  • Cargo Cabbie Box Shop not only has everything you will need to get moving, but also, has delivery options and all the essentials you need.
  • On-site security personnel are trained and passionate about keeping your possessions safe.
  • Our customer support team is here to help for any needs or concerns that arise.
  • We’ve been the premier Movers in Toronto for decade, so we’ve confidently navigated the GTA areas

We Love Making Things Simple.


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