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Transitioning & Moving into Long Term Care

Transitioning & Moving into Long Term Care

The time comes in all of our lives when either we or our loved ones need to relocate from a cherished family home to a more practical place.

Whether that means a retirement home or long term care facility, or simply downsizing to a smaller home, this life change can be daunting for everyone involved.

Cargo Cabbie has helped numerous families get over this hurdle with care, professionalism, and compassion. Our Toronto movers are trained not only to carefully move your belongings, but we pride ourselves in excellent customer service. Our crews understand that each move and situation is different and are ready to provide custom service. Cargo Cabbie will make sure to do a walk through with each client and it is at this point that all concerns and specifics will be addressed and later relayed to the crew prior to moving.

Here are some tips to help you deal with what can be an overwhelming life event.

What to take, sell, or donate.

Make a list of most used items, these will be the must haves. If something hasn’t been used in a month or even a few weeks, it’s probably worth taking a second glance and deciding if someone you know can benefit from it, or if it’s something that can be donated. A lot of care facilities have their own furniture, meaning you don’t have to worry about bringing your own. Talking to relatives about furniture they may like to have, will make sure even items you can’t keep will remain in the family.

Dealing with a loved one who doesn’t want to give up control.

Try your best to reassure them that they still have a say. Get them excited and focusing on the positive elements of the change. Redecorating can be an exciting time. Choosing new wall colours and rearranging furniture in a new space can bring brightness to an otherwise sad time. Cargo Cabbie offers help with in-home moves and placing items in specific set ups during moves.

Fun Perks!

Retirement facilities often have games and activity rooms, movie nights, dances, and other special events. Contact the new place and get the low down on what they offer that might interest you or your moving loved one.
Making a transition from a familiar lifestyle to a new home can be scary. Making sure you and your loved ones are fully prepared prior to the move can make all the difference, and hiring professional and reliable movers can relieve a lot of the stress and pressure involved. Get planning and get organized, it’s the best way to ensure this life change is a smooth one.

Don’t forget to discuss with your moving coordinator all aspects of your move and mention a seniors discount. For an estimate please fill out our ONLINE FORM or get in touch with our office: 647-478-5422 x2

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