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Moving Into A Highrise

Moving Into A Highrise

Whether you’re making the change to Toronto highrise living due to job relocation or downsizing, there are some things to keep in mind. Moving into a highrise is very different from moving into a house.

There are some things you might want to be aware of:

Where To Live

Consider your needs for your lifestyle, if you have children good schools will be a priority. Are you looking for a fun, vibrant community with great shopping and quaint coffee shops within walking distance. Safety can be an issue when you’re living in a building with lots of other people so it pays to be aware of your surroundings.

Choose Well

Finding just the right condo or apartment in Toronto to fill your needs is often harder than finding a house. Finances can be a big part of what you can afford whether renting or purchasing in a high rise. Identify what’s important on your list of priorities be aware that compromise is part of the process.

Consider The Space

One big difference when you live in a high rise apartment is going to be much less space than living in a house. Use this opportunity to review your things keeping your favorites while sharing some with friends or relatives. As you declutter it’s a good time to donate any items of clothing or household items to charity.

Prepare A Floor Plan

This is a great idea to make sure your furnishings will fit well into the space without feeling too crowded. While we’re on the subject of furnishings fitting you will want to check to see if they fit in the elevator and through doorways.

Hire A Mover

You could try to manage the move by yourself with all the hassles and hard work involved. Or you could have us here at Cargo Cabbie provide a stress free move knowing your belongings will be taken care or by a team of professionals who are experts when it comes to moving into a condo in Toronto.

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