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What To Pack For The First Night In Your New Place

What To Pack For The First Night In Your New Place

In all our plans about our move we can be so focused on emptying our old place we end up packing everything. Not surprisingly we often overlook the things we’ll need for the first night in our new place. Packing those few essentials separately will make you first night much more comfortable. It could take days to find some basic items and the last thing you need is to be searching your new neighbourhood for things you already own.

So just what will you need to get through that first night? Read on and we’ll explain the necessary items you’ll need.


At the top of your list should be having a change of clothes for each member of the family. Packing a suitcase with the right kind of clothes you’ll need as you begin settling in the following day and be sure to carry it with you. That way you won’t need to head out shopping for things to wear or waste money needlessly.


Likely your bed will not be assembled or may not even have arrived yet. You’re still going to need something to sleep in even if it’s those sleeping bags you reserve for camping trips. Pillows and some night wear go a long way to being comfy on that first night.

Bathroom Supplies

Toilet paper is the one thing we often forget after all this is not a hotel we’re staying in so packing toilet paper is high on that list of needs. While you’re thinking of bathroom supplies remember shampoo, soap and towels along with toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Moving shouldn’t be a stressful event and with a little planning ahead it can be seen as a new adventure. At Cargo Cabbie we can offer many ways to help from the ultimate moving checklist to plastic bins. We have plenty of ways to ensure your move is as easy as possible since we’ve moved countless families in Toronto.

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