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Last minute Express moving in Toronto Powered by Cargo Cabbie

Last minute Express moving in Toronto Powered by Cargo Cabbie

A New reliable cost effective way of moving your stuff in the City is here! You have found #CargoCabbieExpress

Cargo Cabbie Toronto moversCargo Cabbie has been on the front lines of the moving industry in Toronto since 2010.
With years of excellent moving experience specializing in local, short distance and last minute moving services.

As well as providing short notice moving, Cargo Cabbie also offers professional and friendly home and office packing services.

At Cargo Cabbie you will find our well trained staff professional, reliable, friendly, and experienced.

Whether you need a full-service last minute moving company to relocate an entire house or you simply need assistance moving just a few pieces of art or furniture across town; you can trust that the entire team at Cargo Cabbie will make your next move / relocation an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.


Great for any Short notice, Emergency move in Toronto

Important factors to know about your last minute move:

  • Number and type of items to be moved 
  • Locations and Type of access
  • Number of movers

 Other factors that determine the cost of a local move:

  • How well prepared you are will play a big roll on moving day.
  • Have the elevators reserved and ready to use when movers arrive. 
  • Are all your belongings packed in sealed boxes? Remember to tape cardboard boxes, for moving and packing supplies you can visit our box shop online.
  • How much packing, unpacking, and furniture placement would the movers need to do for you?
  • How many heavy, over sized items?
  • How many flights of stairs are at the locations, let your moving coordinator the walking distance from the truck to your home, remember, the more accurate your information is, the more accurate your moving estimate will be! 

 For most of us, moving can be an adventure. And moving in and around Toronto is even more challenging—with restricted parking, tight floor plans, endless stairs, pre-war elevators, and more—you have one tough chore to tackle alone. And if your move must be a last minute move, moving in Toronto and GTA can easily become a nightmare.

However, as with everything else, a little forethought and planning can go a long way to make the experience as pain free as possible for everyone involved.


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With over 10 years of moving experience, CARGO CABBIE® takes pride in the quality of moving we provide. Not only do we move, but we provide packing, storage, and disposal of all the old furniture you no longer want in your home. From Toronto to Haliburton, to everywhere in between, CARGO CABBIE® can assist with all your moving needs across the city.

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