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Moving in with that Special Someone

Moving in with that Special Someone

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Moving in together is a big step, and one you should both agree you’re ready for. The biggest mistake you can make is moving in before you’re both ready.

There’s not a set time line for when this should and could happen, as every couple is different. And no couple should take the leap without first discussing a few key topics.
Where are you going to live?
Maybe you each have your own place, will you give up your place and move into theirs? Or will it be the other way around? Will you start fresh and find a new place together? Maybe one that’s centrally located, because you both will need to get to work.
Do you or your partner take public transit?
Living where public transportation is not easily accessible can turn even the most amazing apartment into what can feel like a dungeon.
Will you stick with a one bedroom or will one of you need a man cave or lady cave to give yourselves some alone time?
Living together means spending a lot more time together and you might not think you need that kind of space, but you may just surprise yourself.
Who’s what will you keep?
It’s only natural, especially when one or both of you already have your own place, that you will have acquired a lot of furniture and home decor items. You and your love should discuss what you’ll take along and what you’ll leave behind.
Ditch, donate or dual over!
Moving in together means you’ll be compromising a lot. And this is also true of home decor. Don’t like his giant recliner that he loves? Well, he will get rid of it, if you repaint the walls more neutral than purple. Do you cherish a giant Marilyn Monroe painting that you just can’t take off the wall? Better make room for his paintball gun display.
Making a list of things you love, like, and could live without, will help you be clear and transition more easily into each other’s styles.

Now that you’ve decided where you’ll live, and what’s coming with you, it’s time to apply for your perfect place.

Snatch up your perfect new rental with this handy checklist of what you’ll need:

  • Letter of employment – on company letterhead with your salary and start date.
  • Pay stubs (usually two)
  • Letter of reference from your previous landlord(s) and a personal reference too
  • Bank statements
  • Tax return(s) from the last two years if you’re self-employed
Be prepared to fill out rental applications. Sometimes, a deposit or rental application fee are required. Be sure to have some cheques handy.
Why living together can be great!
Bills are cut in half
You no longer have to worry about who is going to sleep at whose place
There’s someone else there to kill spiders and other creepy crawlers
It’s a good test for moving forward with your relationship
There are a lot of great reasons to move in with the person you love, but there are a lot of things to consider and discuss before making that change. Being your own person, and knowing what you’re willing to compromise on and what you can’t live without, will make sure your new living situation is harmonious for all parties involved.

Happy cohabitation!

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