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Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

After your move, your new home might feel awkward and strange. We want it to feel like like your home. Follow these tips to keep things feeling familiar and comfortable.

Unpack according to your daily routine

Waking up in the morning to a disaster or an unfamiliar assortment of boxes is an absolutely terrible way to begin your day. So get that bedroom in order. Starting with the bed, blankets and linens for great sleep. Hopefully your Toronto movers have labelled all your boxes thanks to their packing services. Next unpack your closet so your clothes are easy to find, nothing is worse than not being able to find your comfy clothes!

Get the kitchen cookable

It doesn’t have to be perfect with every nic nac in place, but if you normally cook at home make sure you get the essentials out so you can begin creating yummy meals in your new home.  A slow cooker can be a lifesaver in times like this, because you only need one item for a whole meal. Aim to make some old favorites for the first few nights, instead of ordering out. This can help with the settling in phase.

Get out the decor, especially the photos

Often this is the last box unpacked, as many people view it as a luxury. But the stuff you’ve collected over the years holds meaning for you so get it out as soon as you can. Those familiar faces can provide a lot of comfort.

Keep your routine the same as it was in your old place

Have a favourite blanket or spot on the couch- use it! Convenient spot for your keys, purse and mail? Get that organized and set up as soon as possible. If you aren’t organized in your new space you’ll find yourself losing important items such as keys and wallet. This can be frustrating and add stress.

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