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How to Have a Good Yard Sale

How to Have a Good Yard Sale

When it comes to moving in Toronto, you’ll might want to reduce your clutter and excess items you don’t need anymore. A yard sale achieves just that.

Yard sales come in all shapes and sizes, but if done properly even the small ones can be profitable. Here are some tips to make sure your yard sale is top notch.

Plan in advance and start purging early

Junking out your home can be super fun. Make some room for your yard sale items in a section of your house and add to it over the weeks or months leading up to your yard sale. Commit to doing junk out of 1 room every week or few days to make sure you’re ready in time.


Websites like Craigslist Toronto and local newpapers will host garage sale listings. Also make some nice signs and post throughout your neighbourhood about a week in advance. Make sure the signs are legible and clear, so even people driving way over the speed limit can read it! Also remember to post on Loblaws and coffee shop bulletin boards. A great idea is to team up with other houses in the neighbourhood and do a group yard sale for more advertising and word of mouth opportunities.

Check out the competition

Go to to a few yard sales before you have yours. See what the prices are like in the Toronto area for second hand goods. How are things set up? Pick out your favourites things and add them your to do list.

Present your goods with style

Try to keep everything off the ground. If there are appliances make sure to run an electrical cord so potential buyers can try it out. If you label with prices you set yourself up to make a little more profit, from avoiding drastic low ballers. Keep items organized. Keep like items together and keep it tidy, so it’s easy to shop.

We hope these tips will help you sell many of those unwanted items before you move. Contact our Toronto movers for a free estimate on your move.

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