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How to Reduce Stress During Your Move

How to Reduce Stress During Your Move

You want to reduce stress on Moving day.

Moving anywhere in Toronto can be an exciting time in your life. With a few helpful tips you can keep it exciting instead of stressful.

Here below, you will find 5 ways to avoid and reduce stress during your move:

1 – Plan ahead and give yourself enough time

Nothing is worse than trying to rush a move. There is so much to do and it can get overwhelming. So give yourself enough time to get everything done without having to go crazy. Even starting 3 to 4 months in advance can help lower the stress as the moving date approaches. There are so many tasks you can do well ahead of time. Read our moving checklist to make your move easier.

2 – Purge. Free up space before moving day

Moving a house full of stuff can be a tonne of work. So reduce your stuff. Perform a very thorough junk out of your house. Start building a pile of stuff to give away. When you’re all done have a big garage sale or donate it all to your favourite charity.

3 – Clear your time

Book some time off work. If you have kids or pets make arrangements for sitters. You’re going to be busy so not having other challenges to deal with will help you immensely.

4 – Overlap your move out date with your possession date.

If you can do this it’ll help significantly with stress. It’ll give you more time to pack and then finish up all the details of cleaning, move out inspections, etc. Of course this isn’t ideal if you’re moving a great distance because you won’t want to be making multiple trips back and forth, but if it’s a local move it will help a lot. We’ve seen this happen a lot lately in Toronto with the real estate market booming since 2012. Home owners exchange homes with a tight deadline, bank transfers, lawyers, etc. If you can, avoid adding stress on moving day.

5 – Plan and use checklists

Toronto moving companies will have moving checklists to help you get everything done. Make some deadlines on that checklist to keep you on track. Divide rooms left to pack by how many weeks or weekends you have left to ensure you finish on time.

Contact us today and let us help with your move and reduce the stress on moving day.

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