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How To Book The Service Elevator For Your Move, And Why

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How To Book The Service Elevator For Your Move, And Why

So you’re ready to move into, or out of, a condo or apartment overlooking the Toronto cityscape. You already know you’ll be choosing to move with a professional company like Cargo Cabbie. Once you’ve chosen the dates of your move there is a crucial step that many condo and apartment dwellers forget or leave too late, leading to a slow, inefficient, and costly move:

How To Book The Elevator

Booking a reservation for an elevator:

Some condo and apartment buildings have a dedicated service elevator, but most have a service mode that will be turned on for the duration of your move. This means that you and your movers have exclusive use of the elevator. The doors will stay open as long as you need, and the elevator will remain on the floor where you need it, without being called elsewhere. To make a booking, you must request a reservation or fill out an application with building management or the concierge, outlining the day and time period you will require the elevator. It is now common practice for management to charge a damage deposit and conduct a pre- and post-inspection. In some cases, you will be billed by the hour for your elevator reservation. It’s important to check the specific policy of your building and plan for potential fees. And remember, if you’re moving into a new building with different management the policy may be different.


Timing is Key:

Don’t underestimate the time required for your service elevator booking, always reserve the elevator for the time estimated by your moving company. This is particularly important when moving into a new building; poorly planned bookings that do not leave enough time to complete the pick up will mean that you may miss the elevator booking at the your new building. If another resident has an elevator booking following yours at the new location, you’ll then have to wait for them to finish before being able to resume your move. This situation would be both inconvenient and contribute to added expense since you’ll need to pay your movers for the duration of the wait. Additionally, if you are only able to book your elevator for part of the time estimated for your move your moving company may need to send additional movers to finish on time, whose labour will increase your moving costs. Some buildings have service elevators that lead from the loading area to the main building by way of parking areas or other distances. Be mindful of the extra time needed for movers to transport your possessions.


That being said, some buildings may have time restrictions on elevator reservations, so be sure to let your moving company know ahead of time so that accommodations can be made.


It’s All in the Details:

Condo and apartment buildings have important regulations around parking so that residents are not disrupted or inconvenience. Since your moving company will be bringing a truck or large van, ensure that you book the loading area or loading dock, depending on your building, for the moving vehicle to park, along with the elevator booking. Even if you’re just using the packing services, a parking area for the truck must be reserved. When booking the service elevator, ask your concierge or management if there are any restrictions or special requirements that the movers should prepare for, such as loading dock height maximums. Some buildings, especially condos, have a “moving room” alongside their dedicated service elevators that must be used for moves, rather than the main entrance, so be sure to ask your concierge. 


Finally, plan ahead and book the elevator reservation well in advance. Keep in mind that the best time to use the elevator is within the regular working hours of 9 am-5 pm, when most of the condo residents will be away. With these tips you’ll be well-prepared for your Toronto move!

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