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How To Unpack After A Move

How To Unpack After A Move

So by now you’ve spent the first night in your new home or condo. Now you need to unpack and get settle.

Moving to a new house and getting settled again is a huge job that requires every single organizational skill you possess. The piles and stacks of cardboard boxes containing must now be unpacked and will take over your life in just the way packing did.

Part of your careful preparation was to label each box so it could be placed in the appropriate room or area all set to be emptied.

Do You Need Help To Unpack

Possibly you need to return to work quickly or just want help in which case you could call on family or friends. Another option is hiring someone to help unpack in the same way movers can pack your belongings.

Where To Start

As a general rule you want to unpack and prepare rooms according to their importance.


Assembling your bed is going to be essential to getting the good night’s sleep your tired body is crying out for. The comfort of our own sheets, pillows and blankets goes a long way to making it feel like home.


The bathroom requires little in the way of unpacking since you already have your toiletries with you. Stack some towels, hang the shower curtain with hot water you’re pretty much set.


You’ll want to be able to prepare family meals in your new kitchen to keep you fueled up as you unpack. With the big appliances in place it’s time to deal with the smaller appliances, coffee maker and so on. Kitchens can take days to set up as you figure out how it can function best for you.

Once you’ve partially unpacked these rooms you can follow an unpacking schedule as your personal time allows. Working with a professional moving company helps avoid some of the stress that comes with moving. At Cargo Cabbie, we are one of the best moving companies in Toronto and we’re ready to make your move worry free. Contact us today.

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