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Guest Post: Planning a Smooth and Seamless International Relocation

Guest Post: Planning a Smooth and Seamless International Relocation

Relocation Tips from International Movers

Relocating to an unfamiliar place abroad is no simple matter. It includes facing a major set of challenges, especially since it’s a transition that needs a great deal of preparation and planning.

As you get ready to start a new life overseas, save yourself from unnecessary stress by planning a smooth relocation. This way, it becomes easier to adapt to the new place, and your long journey will be worth it.

Below are four tips to help you have a smooth transition during your big move to a different country.

1. Find Reasonably-Priced Housing in Advance.

Before you can think about packing and transporting your items, you need a new place to move into. Wherever you intend to move, finding a suitable home that fits your budget should be your priority.

If your employer has taken care of the question of where to live, then you’re all set in this regard. But if you have free rein over the choice of location, make sure to do a thorough property search and take a look at the housing market in your destination country. The area and home must meet all your (and your family’s) needs and be suitable for your lifestyle.

2. Organize the Packing Tasks.

The last thing you want is for some belongings to get left behind in your previous home. Once you are thousands of miles away in your new home, going back to fetch something is quite simply out of the question.

To prevent this from happening, you should have an ultimate long-term packing list. This will provide you with an extensive inventory and help you keep track of everything you will take with you during the big move.

Now, packing up all the said items isn’t as easy as putting everything inside a box and tossing them into a truck for transport. You will be packing everything — clothes, toiletries, toys, documents, breakables, appliances, furniture, the works — and these must be prepared and packed in different ways. The order and position in which they must be loaded into the moving vehicles, and unloaded upon arrival at the new house, must also be considered.

Needless to say, packing is a tedious and time-consuming process that you must very carefully prepare and plan for. Organizing the associated tasks (sorting, cleaning, wrapping and packing) will help you focus your attention on all the items and the correct way of handling them.

To make sure that all your belongings are still in their best shape after arriving at their destination, you should take time to learn how to pack properly for a move or engage the services of professional packers to get the job done for you.

Prepare your documents and make copies.

An international move will involve a lot of paperwork. You need to have your passport and visa early, and speak to the international movers you will hire about any additional requirements. Make sure you have these documents and save a backup copy of them in a USB or any storage system.

3. Hire an International Moving Company.

Gathering your friends and family to help you pack your things to help you relocate isn’t enough. After all, moving to a different country is a complex job that requires the expertise of overseas moving companies. While acquiring their services costs money, you will surely get what you pay for by way of the much-needed services of these highly trained industry experts.

Speaking of costs, take time to consult the professional movers, get moving quotes, and have every detail of their services explained to you so that you can be sure of the total costs and factor those into your moving budget.

Choose an international moving company with a good and solid reputation.

Make sure you hire a professional moving company with a proven track record in the field. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are in good hands and will arrive on time.

The following are things you should consider when looking for an international moving company:

a) The movers should know how to pack your belongings professionally to protect them during the long transport.

b) They should offer door-to-door delivery to your new location and make sure to take care of all the steps in between to alleviate your worries.

c) They should provide you with a reasonable quote of your entire move without any suspicious extra fees.

d) They should be aware of all paperwork and customs procedures so your belongings can pass from one country to another with ease.

e) They should have a partner in your destination country that will provide the service in that location.

4. Update Your Service Providers.

As you prepare your possessions for packing, you should also be letting your bank, healthcare and insurance providers know that you’re moving to a new location. Ask these institutions if you can still continue transacting with them even when you’re in another country. If not, you can prepare to transfer to another service company in your destination country.

As for your existing phone, utilities and service providers, you should begin making arrangements to terminate your account with them.

Moving to another place can be equally exciting and overwhelming, but proper planning and preparation can make everything easier. Remember to stay positive during the transition and follow the tips above so you can look forward to a great new life.

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