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Call Cargo Cabbie for all your Ikea furniture assembly and disassembly needs.

Call Cargo Cabbie for all your Ikea furniture assembly and disassembly needs.

Call Cargo Cabbie to help with your furniture assembly and disassembly needs.

Did you just get back from Ikea with your brand new Borgsjö, and are now stuck at the bottom of the stairs with a couple of awkward heavy boxes, some tiny plastic tools, and an instructions manual that may as well be in hieroglyphs thinking “what the heck have I gotten myself into?” Don’t despair! Cargo Cabbie is here to help with all your furniture assembly and disassembly needs.

Maybe you need an extra pair of hands to get those deceptively heavy Borgsjö boxes to the right place, an extra set of eyes to figure out how to get Grandma’s armoire apart without breaking, or just a proper set of tools? We can send one or two of our assembly experts quickly to your home to lend you a hand.

Furniture assembly can be a tricky task that requires more than one person. You may need to hold heavy items in place while nimble hands carefully tighten hard to reach screws, and if you’re on your own this can be near impossible. Why risk it when you can have an experienced helper at your door within minutes in downtown Toronto? Each and every day for our job we take apart furniture and put it back together, so rarely do we come across something we’re not familiar with. From modern items like Ikea, to valuable antiques we know how to handle your items apart quickly and safely. Our assembly expert, Chris, has over a decade of experience in the Toronto antiques market, and trains our crews how to handle these items in the proper, professional way.

Calling us for furniture dis assembly is also a way to save you a lot of time on moving day. If you know ahead of time that you have some large furniture items that need to be taken apart to get into your new home feel free to give us a call or send us a message. We can send over a guy or two a day before your move to take apart and carefully wrap all your furniture so that we don’t have to do it the big day. This can drastically cut the time it takes for us to pack so that you can relax and start moving into your new home faster.

So for your Ikea furniture assembly and dis assembly needs, don’t hesitate to ring Cargo Cabbie. With us you are guaranteed to get professional experts at your door who can help you get the job done fast and right. Services like this are part of why our clients consistently review us as the best moving company in Toronto.

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