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TorontoStar | Condo moving with Toronto’s best condo movers

TorontoStar | Condo moving with Toronto’s best condo movers

Few industries understand the extent of Toronto’s condo boom better than the moving industry, and when the Toronto Star did a write up about condos in Toronto they reached out to Cargo Cabbie for our opinion. There aren’t many people who have seen the inside of more condo buildings than our moving teams, which gives us an almost intimate knowledge of Toronto’s condo market. I personally like being able to look out over the downtown skyline and recognize buildings that I have been in, looking out at where I where I was standing. Living in a big city it’s almost easy to ignore the large buildings looming around you as they seem to all blend together, but when you actually go inside and learn all their tricks and secrets it gives you a greater appreciation for them. So it wasn’t so much a surprise that we were contacted for an interview about the condo boom, but it still felt really good.

We feel honored to know that when Toronto’s largest newspaper thought “condo movers,” they thought “CARGO CABBIE.” We are always thrilled to be featured in articles like this, not only because exposure is important for a small business, but because we love being recognized by the community we serve. With each move, we set out to do it in a professional, efficient and friendly manner at competitive prices and transparent fees. We believe our customers are our friends and neighbors, and when we leave each job, we want them to feel more than satisfied, we want them to be happy.  Being the best moving company is more than getting you in and out of your condo quickly and without damaging anything. We do our best to make our customers happy after we leave. Because the happier you are the more likely you are to tell your friends about us or write a glowing online review, which leads to features like this.

This thrill us because it shows that our business model is working, and working well. We want to be more than the best moving company in Toronto, we want the name CARGO CABBIE to be synonymous with the best moving companies in Toronto. So we thank our customers who are helping us achieve that dream, and to the TorontoStar for recognizing us as the condo movers in Toronto. So if you’re looking to book a condo move, come see why we are becoming the most talked about moving company in Toronto. We can’t wait to move you.

The Cargo Cabbie Team

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