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Looking for Toronto movers? Hiring, Who are the Pros & Cons of moving?

Looking for Toronto movers? Hiring, Who are the Pros & Cons of moving?

Choosing a moving company in Toronto can be paralyzing, especially if you have no first hand experience or even a second hand story. The frightful feeling that moving itself inspires is largely due to the plentiful, sometimes true and always scary legends of unfortunate moving fiasco that can leave your things hijacked and stranded!

And so the big questions:

How can you tell if you’re being duped?  Who can you trust? Who are the Pros and Cons of moving?

Here at the Cargo Cabbie, best Toronto movers 2012 headquarters we have come up with some things to look out for. When attempting to get in touch with a moving company do they sound professional over the phone? Is there a website you can investigate to confirm their legitimacy or even existence; are there any reviews? Have they made an attempt to gather a thorough inventory of your items to be moved? Have they made an effort to discern what type and size of move it is? ie condo move, house to apartment move, office move, in home move… etc.

The more details the moving company asks for the more likely they are running a legitimate operation which is motivated by providing a valuable moving service with a professional, trustworthy approach.

It is impossible to accurately estimate a moving job without getting all the details. If the moving company just throws out a number at you at the first phone call you make without providing you with something in writing they are more than likely just trying to get you to commit so that they can have you up against the wall on moving day.

 A good, dependable moving company will have invested the time and effort into their operation to make it a well oiled, information collecting, furniture moving, stair climbing and truck driving machine! In addition to the headache and incident free move, the initial time investment of setting up your move is also well worth the tangible, billable time reduced during your actual move. Look for a moving company that is eager to communicate, transparent, thorough (even if it’s time consuming at the outset), and can provide you something in writing.

So get into the details, trust the Pros and move with confidence!

Javier @ Cargo Cabbie

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