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Moving Tips! “How To Sell Used Furniture Online”

Selling Used Furniture Online

Moving Tips! “How To Sell Used Furniture Online”

A Guide to Selling Your Furniture Before Moving

There comes a time when every family has to make the tough decision of what to do with their old furniture. This article will help you sell your furniture like an expert. We’ll provide you with proven tips and tricks that we use on a daily basis. If you’re looking for some advice in this area, look no further than our guide below!

Prepping Furniture For Selling

Clean and Refresh:

Before listing your furniture for sale, ensure it’s in its best condition. CARGO CABBIE recommends a thorough cleaning, including shaking out cushions, running a vacuum over it and using rubbing alcohol for stubborn stains.

Presentation Matters:

Giving careful consideration to the presentation of your furniture is crucial for attracting potential buyers and maximizing the chances of a successful sale. When preparing to sell your furniture, strategically place the items in an accessible and well-lit space where potential buyers can easily view and assess them.

Transparency is Key:

Be upfront about any imperfections in your furniture. If there are scratches or other issues, let potential buyers know in advance. By addressing imperfections, you demonstrate integrity, and this transparency not only sets realistic expectations for buyers but also builds credibility for you as a seller.



Professional Transport Services:

Consider hiring professionals like CARGO CABBIE for transporting and packing larger furniture items. This ensures safe and secure transit. Otherwise you will need to arrange for someone with a car or truck and some packing materials.

Detailed Listings:

Crafting detailed listings is a crucial step in ensuring a successful and transparent furniture selling process. Include your email address for inquiries, high-quality photos of different angles, accurate pricing, and specific dimensions in your online listings.

Research Your Market:

Before listing, research local prices to ensure fair compensation for your furniture. CARGO CABBIE emphasizes the importance of understanding the market for a successful sale. By familiarizing yourself with the current pricing landscape, you position yourself strategically, ensuring that your listed furniture reflects a fair and competitive value.

Best websites to sell used furniture online

Know before you go: there are several things you should keep in mind when it comes time for deciding how to sell your used furniture. We’ve created a list of things to take into consideration before listing your used furniture for sale online.

1. Facebook Marketplace ranks top of the list to sell lightly used furniture in Toronto. Although they don’t have options to pick up and deliver your furniture, it’s simple to create a post and communicate with potential buyers, and both the website and app make it easy to target your neighborhood through specific groups or the city as a whole.

2. began as a solely Canadian company and has now expanding into other major cities and countries. Fair warning: you may end up selling something and buying something else as Kijiji site acts as a marketplace to buy and sell furniture online with tons of options. Take a more detailed look at how it looks on their “How it Works” page.

3. Etsy is another company Torontonians love to sell lightly used furniture. Etsy is simple to use and has a solid and loyal user base. Simply submit your furniture with pictures and wait one business day for it to be reviewed, schedule a time for the furniture to be picked, and finally wait until your furniture is sold. 

4. Craigslist has been around since 1995 making it one of the oldest options available to those looking to buy or sell their used furniture pieces. The advantage here is that there’s strength in numbers – thousands of potential buyers can view listings at once which means more exposure for your items.

5. eBay is great if you have a lot of furniture to sell since it has more than 300 million listings across their site and app with new items being added every second. The downside here is that listing fees may add up quickly if your pieces are priced higher and some sellers also complain about the lack of visibility.

6. MaxSold revolutionizes the selling experience by connecting sellers to a pre-existing pool of interested bidders while actively marketing auctions to new potential buyers on digital platforms. It’s the optimal solution for individuals and businesses seeking to efficiently sell a large volume of items, providing a sustainable alternative to discarding valuables and delighting local buyers with unique, repurposed goods at market value.

7. Offerup is another great option where everything from couches to dressers can be found at an unbeatable price. Like other sites though safety should be your top concern here since you never know who will come knocking at your door when you’re home. The simplicity of the user interface is what makes this a terrific tools.

8. Karrot is relatively new to the market and is a community-driven super app originating from Korea. With a commitment to nurturing local interactions, Karrot provides a seamless platform for buying and selling goods, community engagement, job and real estate listings, and convenient payment solutions.

The Smart Move: CARGO CABBIE's Holistic Approach

Furniture Delivery and Disposal:

CARGO CABBIE not only assists with moving but also provides furniture delivery and disposal services. Whether you’ve successfully sold furniture and need it delivered promptly or have items that can’t find a new home and require proper disposal, CARGO CABBIE is your trusted partner. With a commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction, we ensure a smooth transition for your furniture, handling every aspect from delivery to environmentally responsible disposal.

Secure Storage Solutions:

When it comes to storing furniture that you’re not yet ready to bring into your home but can’t part with, CARGO CABBIE offers secure storage options. Our reliable service alleviates the need for extra storage space during the moving process, providing a convenient and secure option for keeping your valued furniture safe. With CARGO CABBIE’s expertise, you can confidently store your belongings, giving you the flexibility and time you need to decide the next steps for your cherished pieces.

Packing and Moving Excellence:

Entrust your packing and moving needs to the experts at CARGO CABBIE. With a commitment to excellence, we guarantee a seamless experience throughout the entire process. From meticulous packing to efficient transportation, CARGO CABBIE takes care of every detail. Count on our dedicated team for a top-notch and reliable packing and moving service that prioritizes the safety and integrity of your belongings.

Final thoughts on what is the best way to sell your used furniture

The easiest and most effective way would be through an online portal. Selling on these sites will allow you to reach a much wider audience while saving time, money, and hassle of traveling around town with your items in tow. Online selling also eliminates the need for storage space or additional manpower on moving day.

Packing, Moving & Storage with CARGO CABBIE
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