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10 x 6 x 60 – 108″ 2-piece Telescopic Tall Boxes

10 x 6 x 60 – 108″ 2-piece Telescopic Tall Boxes


Safely ship and protect your odd-sized products. Introducing our 10 X 6 X 60 – 108″ 2-Piece Telescopic Tall Boxes, the perfect solution for shipping skis and other lengthy items! These telescopic cardboard shipping boxes are designed to provide exceptional protection and convenience. With an adjustable length ranging from 60 to 108 inches, they accommodate skis of various sizes, ensuring a secure fit during transit.

Adjustable 2-piece design fits product snugly to prevent damage from shifting. Recommended for shipping skis.


The two-piece design allows for easy assembly, and the telescopic feature ensures a snug and custom fit for your items. Whether you’re sending your skis to the slopes or need a versatile shipping solution for long objects, our telescopic tall boxes have got you covered. Trust in their strength and flexibility to ensure your items reach their destination in perfect condition.