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1/2″ Bubble Wrap

1/2″ Bubble Wrap


Dimensions: 48″ x 1/2″ x 25′

  • Introducing our Heavy-Duty Bubble Wrap – the ultimate solution for extreme shipping conditions. Featuring a 1/2″ thickness, this high-performance bubble wrap provides maximum protection to safeguard your valuable items during transit. Its durable construction is specifically designed to handle the rigors of shipping large frames with glass and delicate artwork. Additionally, it is ideal for shipping heavier items such as vases, pots, and more.


Trust our Heavy-Duty Bubble Wrap to provide unbeatable cushioning and peace of mind for your most fragile possessions. Upgrade your shipping game today and ensure your items arrive in pristine condition.Our 1/2″ bubble wrap roll offers extra cushioning compared to the standard 3/16″ bubble wraps, providing items with additional protection during a move or while in storage. Perfect for fragile items like glass, mirrors, and artwork.